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Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Behaviorbabe

Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Dr. Amanda Kelly started Anuenue Behavior Analysts with Holdsambeck Behavioral Health in 2017 to bring high-quality ABA services to children on the North Shore of O'ahu. She developed a team of dedicated and hard-working Registered Behavior Technicians and Behavior Analysts who continue to grow and expand their service to the community. Though Dr. Kelly has moved on to other endeavors, she remains a tireless and effective advocate whose impact is felt here on the North Shore and across the islands.

Massachusetts Representative John W. Scibak
House Chair, Joint Committee on Higher Education
(April 2017)

I met Amanda over 5 years ago, while advocating for the licensure of behavior analysts in Massachusetts. At the time, Amanda was enrolled in her PhD program in Boston, Massachusetts. While relatively early in her career, Amanda effectively participated in discussions with state legislators, ultimately contributing to a vote in favor of hard evidence and science. As an advocate, Amanda is persistent and thorough-going. She approaches situations with skepticism and optimism, seeking empirical evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of sought-after educational approaches. A teacher by training, Amanda is uniquely poised to bring an educators' perspective to this administrative position. 

Having served as Coordinator of ABA services here in Massachusetts, Amanda obtained firsthand experience at some of the top rated public schools in the nationSince relocating to Hawaii in 2013, Amanda has upheld her reputation as a committed educational advocate. Amanda is not only a teacher, but also a scientist, a teacher, a thoughtful and caring leader, a life-long learner. Amanda's outgoing personality contributes to her vast network, which provides access to educational experts worldwide. Dr. Kelly eagerly calls upon her connections when she feels their experiences can enhance educational opportunities for those in Hawaii. Over the past several years, as a result of her connections, Dr. Kelly has been able to attract several educational experts to speak and consult in Hawaii.

I am excited by the progress that is possible under the leadership of Dr. Kelly. Amanda is a passionate and committed educator. I strongly believe she will continue to make incredible contributions for students in Hawaii. Given her background and training, in addition to her past experiences, I believe Dr. Kelly is well positioned to bring about positive systemic change in Hawaii. 

David Lennox (April 2017)
Owner, QBS, INC.

I first met Amanda when she was enrolled as a student in my Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) class as part of her PhD program at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. I fondly recall having Amanda in my class. As a student, Amanda was inquisitive and persuasive. She was a natural leader. Since first meeting Amanda, I have witnessed numerous examples of her commitment to the field of education and behavior analysis, specifically to the ethical application and dissemination of evidence-based interventions.

For her class project, I recall Amanda selecting an evaluation of educational roles and supports for aides and 1:1 paraprofessionals. Having worked as an aide herself, Amanda was familiar with the challenges faced by individuals in those positions. As she moved into the role of teacher, consultant, and eventually coordinator, Amanda repeatedly demonstrated the ability to adapt to diverse situations. With an uncanny ability to find the positive in even the most difficult of situations, Amanda always presents as solution-oriented, a true problem solver.

After completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Kelly relocated to Hawaii. While we were sad to see her leave New England, I have personally witnessed the significant changes achieved from campaigns and committees she has spearheaded in Hawaii. Amanda is able to quickly establish a positive rapport amongst various stakeholders. She has repeatedly demonstrated herself to be someone who is trustworthy and able to gain the respect of others. While showing a continual interest in behavior analysis, Dr. Kelly has also demonstrated a true understanding of the science of behavior change, which extends to applications far beyond those on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Kelly is a thought-leader in education, as well as in the field of behavior analysis. She is also an incredible asset to the people of Hawaii. Given her experience on numerous boards and committees, in addition to her seemingly indefatigable amount of ambition and energy, I whole-heartedly recommend her.

Louis Erteschik (April 2017)
Executive Director, Hawai'i Disability Rights Center

When we first met, over 3 years ago, I assumed Amanda was a parent of a child with special needs. I was mistaken. She was not a parent at all, but rather an incredibly passionate and committed educator. Though our professional relationship was initially forged over the need for autism insurance, Dr. Kelly and I have now collaborated on several legislative and legal issues locally, including licensure for behavior analysis, the passage of the ABLE act, and insurance coverage for individuals with traumatic brain injury. Due to her diligence and unwavering commitment to the community, Amanda was asked to serve on our board at the Hawai’i Disability Rights Center (HDRC), which she graciously accepted. Since joining the HDRC board, Amanda has demonstrated her ability to integrate into an existing organization and to do so with ease. She is a valuable, contributing member of our board.

When presented with challenges or barriers, Dr. Kelly reveals herself to be a natural problem-solver. She is thorough, analytic, and considerate when making recommendations and advocating for solutions. For example, when our state called to increase the capacity of behavior analysts, Dr. Kelly offered free training programs, also creating a local university certification program (UWF-Hawai'i Cohort), for which she offered substantial scholarships.

One of Amanda’s biggest strengths is her ability to interface with a variety of stakeholders and community leaders. Since relocating from Massachusetts to Hawai’i, Amanda has received numerous invitations to meet with state legislators, department directors, and community stakeholders. Amanda has quickly established herself locally as an expert in the areas of education, staff development and training, and behavior analysis. She has also learned a great deal about our local legislative process!

Our schools need leaders with a proven track record. Hawai’i would benefit from having a leader with as much educational experience as Amanda. In addition, she is business-savvy, driven, and passionate about helping students through supporting our teachers. I have no doubt Amanda would succeed, if given the opportunity. Families should be so fortunate. 

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional information about my recommendation.

Amanda is a compassionate individual who takes each student’s unique goals, needs and interests into account. She is a highly adaptable and versatile educator, who clearly enjoys the opportunity to assist and teach a diverse group of children. Amanda makes certain that each child receives individualized praise and encouragement, ensuring that he/she remains motivated and successful.
Prior to our son working with Amanda, we worked with several other behavioral specialists and saw no progress with his treatment. Amanda was truly a blessing! She not only considered our son's needs, but the needs of our entire family. Within a short amount a time, we saw positive changes in our son's behavior, and we now have a more positive outlook for the future.

Amanda Kelly was a critical person on my son's therapeutic team. She understood that building a bond and relationship with the child was vital to achieve effectiveness in his treatment. She was astute, caring,, and passionate about helping him, and helping us as a family. She had the most sophisticated approach, and the most knowledge regarding behavior of any of the therapists that have worked with my son.

Dr. Amanda Kelly is magical. She came into our lives when things were pretty chaotic in our family. Amanda arrived with wisdom, wit and no worries. She has the ability to speak to adults, adolescents and little children with a caring and consistent way. She is extremely professional and results-oriented. As a parent of an adolescent with ASD, you are sometimes in the very vulnerable position of having to trust outside professionals. Dr. Kelly was easy to trust. She has changed our lives, forever. I recommend Dr. Amanda Kelly and her services 100%.

I highly recommend Dr. Kelly's services - in my experience, her insight into the behavior of children at both ends of the spectrum is unmatched. She is the consummate professional who treats her clients with the utmost respect and works closely with parents to find what works for each individual child. There is no one I would rather have working for and with my family!

While I have always known Amanda to be a widely knowledgeable, passionate advocate for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, the breadth of her understanding was very evident to me as we created and taught a college level course together in the Summer of 2013. Additionally, she has an amazing talent to not only transfer this knowledge successfully, but is able to do so in a way that keeps adult students actively engaged. I highly endorse Amanda for any instructional opportunity that you may have at your institution.
After a difficult school year Amanda was hired by our school system to come and observe my son and to make recommendations to make his days more success. After just a few visits Amanda understood our son and related to him on a level that not many people can. I highly recommend Amanda and any family would be luck to work with her.
Changing careers later in life is a very challenging endeavor. It was explained early on that behaviorist work together for a common goal. I can unequivocally say that Amanda Kelly is that behaviorist. I have worked for Amanda since March of 2011 and have found her incredibly helpful. Whether it’s discussion about current cases, or interventions that I am considering using in other programs. Amanda gives you her full attention, question’s why you are considering your direction and offers constructive criticism if the discussion is a swing and a miss.During a recent presentation at Seem Collaborative Amanda had one of her students help present. Amanda gave us a complete overview of what she had done in the 2 years of working with this individual. She then turned over the presentation to her student who then told us all he knew about Skinner the CEO of ABA in his words. It was truly a wonderful evening of seeing how far this individual has come with Amanda’s guidance. I look forward to a long and continued working relationship with Amanda.
Amanda Kelly is a great asset to SEEM Collaborative. As the coordinator of ABA consultation services, Amanda is responsible for receiving, and assigning cases, to the BCBA staff, which are received from the various public school districts. She is also responsible for the hiring of ABA therapists to provide any direct services which are required. In addition, Amanda Kelly, also supervises, and mentors staff. Amanda has created many policies and procedures for SEEM which have proved crucial in helping the department run smoothly. Amanda has strong leadership skills, which allow her to efficiently coordinate the array of services provided by the department.
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Amanda Kelly. Amanda and I met as graduate students while attending Simmons College. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis and,in addition, all that she had accomplished so early in her career. 

While pursuing her Doctoral Degree, Amanda became the Coordinator of ABA Services at the SEEM Collaborative. Amanda began to restructure the department in order to provide students with the best services in the most efficient manner. She started a training and staff development program open to anyone who would want to attend. She also began bringing in staff with a high level of skill and expertise to meet the growing demand of SEEM services. When I was presented with a summer opportunity to work for Amanda at SEEM, I jumped at the chance.

Amanda was very helpful to me while I worked in the summer program at the Shamrock School in Woburn, MA. She helped me to find the best way to help the teachers in the program manage and instruct the children in the program. She was always available for assistance and to answer any questions that I had. I strongly feel that one of Amanda's best attributes as a supervisor is her positive attitude. She knows how to motivate her staff and provide useful feedback.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeannemarie Ackerman, M.Ed, BCBA
Amanda worked with my autistic son during his enrollment in Magic Garden. She was very attentive, caring, and patient. Amanda was always focused on him and his progress and found creative ways to keep him on track and motivated to progress. We will always consider and remember Amanda as integral part of our son’s great improvement, which has led to my son be in a typical 5th grade classroom with typical peers. She’s the best!
I have known Ms. Kelly as a doctoral student in the Simmons College Applied Behavior Analysis PhD program. In my classes Ms. Kelly always demonstrated a keen intellect and desire to learn. She possesse a good working knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis as well as a good grasp of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. Ms. Kelly was always prepared for class and willing to entertain any pratical or experimental question.

Ms. Kelly's work ethic is exceptional. She possesses excellent written and oral communication skills and she is able to interact and collaborative with many different stake holders.

I endorse for her any endeavor she desires.

Amanda has been my supervisor at SEEM since September 2009. She directly supervised me on three separate cases. Amanda is a very organized, considerate, dependable, and thorough supervisor. It amazes me how she tailors her approach to each family and therapist. She is very responsive to questions and suggestions and provides thorough and useful feedback to help the ABA therapist improve their skills.

Amanda supervised me as an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician through SEEM Collaborative. She is a strong leader and a wonderful teacher. She provided me with my initial training in providing ABA therapy, preparing me for home services. She is organized, thorough, and prompt in supervising numerous ABA techs working in a variety of districts. She is kind and approachable, and prioritizes maintaining positive relationships with all of her colleagues. I truly enjoy working with and learning from Amanda, and believe that her drive, intelligence, and attitude will ensure her success in any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
I have worked collaboratively with Ms. Amanda Kelly in providing services to children and adolescents with autism, developmental disabilities, and behavior disorders on and off for the past several years. Ms. Kelly has always provided services to the children she has served at the utmost professional standard. She is a skilled practitioner in the field of behavior analysis and an asset to families and children affected by autism. As a fellow behavior analyst, I can confidently say that she is well respected within our professional circles. In less than a year in her role as Coordinator of ABA Services at SEEM Collaborative, she has revitalized the department and brought about additional respect and reliability to the services that we provide. Ms. Kelly is a steadfast leader who will brings about great change to the families with whom she works.
Ms. Kelly is a highly intelligent, dedicated and creative specialist in behavior and education. Her insight into not only a wide variety of students, but environments is a key factor in successful intervention.
Amanda joined our team in August 2009. In a very few months she has taken a program that was limping along and transformed it into an invaluable resource for our students and their families. Amanda leadership skills are excellent. She works tirelessly, is organized, extremely knowledgeable and is very eager to learn and apply what she has learned. She shares her knowledge willingly and has become a valuable member of our team. It is with pleasure that I recommend Amanda.
Amanda is extremely organized and very hard worker. She works many hours to obtain a positive result. Amanda fits well with all other workers and her performance is impecable.

I have had the pleasure of Amanda Kelly being a student in two of the doctoral level classes I teach at Simmons. Ms. Kelly is intuitive, detail-oriented, and a quick learner. Her oral and written communication skills are excellent. In addition, Ms. Kelly has also supported my teaching in a Master program course where she was essential in helping the students to develop hands-on behavioral and oral presentation skills. Currently, she mentors other graduate students preparing for their certification exam. She is a natural behavior analyst, highly motivated, and will be successful in any organization lucky enough to have her.

These statements were provided voluntarily and are compiled from FB posts, LinkedIn, and formal letters of recommendations received by Amanda N Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA.