Welcome to Behaviorbabe
Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Behaviorbabe

Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Behaviorbabe Presentations During COVID-19

3/25/2020: Suddenly Home-Based: Council of Autism Service Providers with Kristen Koba-Burdt & Anslie Patrick
3/25/2020: Managing Severe Behaviors in the Home; National Council of Severe Autism with Feda Almaliti
3/25/2020: Facebook LIVE - Hawai'i, Special Education, & COVID19; Maureen McComas & Andria Tupola
3/26/2020: Activities to Do at Home (During COVID-19): Together For Our Keiki with Jessica Akiona
3/27/2020: Facebook LIVE - IEPs, Special Ed, and COVID-19: A Day In Our Shoes with Lisa Lightner
3/31/2020: ABA and Telehealth During COVID-19: Autism Resource Center, with Kristen, Carla, and Johanna
4/02/2020: Extended School Year: Together For Our Keiki with Lara Bollinger
4/02/2020: Autism Awareness - Sped & COVID-19, WPDE News Interview with Annette Montgomery
4/04/2020: Why We Need Better Leaders During COVID-19, Giving Hawai'i Hope with Andria Tupola 
4/05/2020: Facebook LIVE - A Conversation About COVID-19 & Special Education with David Warner
4/06/2020: Managing Challenging Behavior During COVID19, Hawai'i Autism Foundation with Kevin, Tori, and Crystal
4/14/2020: ABA and Telehealth During COVID-19: Autism Resource Center & MassABA with Kristen, Carla, & Johanna
4/14/2020: Special Education & COVID-19, Guest Lecturer, University of West Florida with Dan Unumb
4/15/2020: ABA Licensure (Q&A During COVID-19): Guest Lecturer, University of Hawai'i with Jessica Burris
4/16/2020: Ethics of Effective Advocacy (including COVID-19 updates), ABAC Live & CCBS with Adrienne Fritzer
4/16/2020: ABA Assessments: An Overview, Together For Our Keiki with Debi Hoohuli
4/17/2020: Ethical Considerations: Telehealth Practices During  a Pandemic (COVID-19), CalChella with Sarah Trautman
5/25/2020: Behavior Analysis and Sustainability: Breaking Outside Autism, Guest Lecturer, Arizona State University
5/29/2020: Behaviorbabe - A Decade of Dissemination: A Flashback and Fast Forward, DOBE, LLC.
5/29/2020: Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behaviors: India Autism Center