Welcome to Behaviorbabe
Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Behaviorbabe

Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis


Excerpts below taken from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website:

- The BACB examinations are only offered to individuals who are seeking BACB certification or recertification, and for no other purpose. Click here

- The exam is 4 hours in length, with 150 questions in total. Click here

- The examinations are administered using a computer-based testing (CBT) format.  A tutorial is available at Pearson to allow candidates to become familiar with the CBT format.  The BACB recommends that candidates use the tutorial prior to their testing appointment. Click here

- The BACB examinations will be offered during ?testing windows? of approximately one month's duration three times per calendar year. The exact dates for testing windows will be listed here as they become available. Click here

- Candidates will be notified of their results within 45 days of the last examination date, via their online Certificant Gateway accounts. Click here

- Every BACB examination undergoes psychometric statistical equating to assure that scores on different examinations are adjusted for differing levels of difficulty. Therefore, the actual number correct score for each examination may vary depending on the form and level of difficulty of the examination Click here

Testing Tips

- Know how you test best ...Should you read through the questions first? Move on after 30-seconds? Write down everything you know and then start? Should you comment on questions? Is it better to earmark questions and go back if there's time? or Can you comment now?

- Remember there is a time limit!! 4 hours 

- Study - there's no replacement for being fluent with the material.  Practice and you'll persist!

- Use phrases, mnemonics, or funny scenarios, images or ways that help you remember terms and concepts that trip you up.

- Avoid adding in information or making inferences about information that you were not provided in the question. Don't OVER analyze Future Analyst!

 - Read the question and ALL of your choices carefully - avoid careless mistakes.