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Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Behaviorbabe

Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

ABA & Schools - Podcasts: Parents & Providers

In this episode, Jessica Minahan talks with Dr. Kelly about treating anxiety and trauma in public school settings. Jessica discusses the challenges teachers face and how traditional strategies may not succeed. She also provides an explanation of these phenomena as well as some strategies for intervening, particularly for students on public school campuses. To learn more, visit www.jessicaminahan.com.
In this episode, Dr. Kelly interviews Chrissy Kelly, creator of “Life with Greyson and Parker” about inclusion. What is inclusion? What is needed to make inclusion a success? Where do you begin? For more information, check out Chrissy on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LifeWithGreysonParker.
In this episode, Sasha Long joins Dr. Kelly to discuss how to best support teachers and students in our public schools. Sasha’s background as an educator led to her career as a behavior analyst. Sasha details her journey, where she struggled, and how she found success in the classroom setting. Sasha shares strategies for how to be an effective consultant and how to translate technical lingo to the layperson. To learn more about Sasha Long, The Autism Helper, visit www.theautismhelper.com.

In this episode, Brandon discusses with Dr. Kelly the role his team plays in Louisville Public Schools. Brandon explains how “everything is legit behavior” and how he has found success as a district-wide public school consultant. Brandon shares with listeners data from his district, demonstrating the positive effects he and his team have had on reducing overall suspension rates. Brandon compassionately shares his journey and the lessons learned along the way.

In this episode, Christine Almeida discusses ABA and Public Preschools. Christine describes the supports and services she oversees in public school in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition, Christine spends some time discussing how to assess and teach social skills in early learners. To learn more, check out this book “Socially Savvy”, which Christine co-authored. difflearn.com/products/socially-savvy-an-assessment-and-curriculum-guide-for-young-children-digital-download

In this episode, Dr. Kelly provides an overview of applied behavior analysis in the school setting. Dr. Kelly provides resources related to successful integration of ABA in schools and provides examples of how ABA can be embedded in classroom settings.

In this episode, Dr. Amanda Laprime joins us to share her thoughts, strategies and suggestions for building capacity in public school settings. Dr. Laprime pulls from her experiences consulting to school teams, always focusing on the principles of behavior analysis. 

Dr. Rob Pennington joins Dr. Kelly to discuss important trends in teacher education. On this episode, Dr. Pennington shares common barriers that ail our public school systems. He shares lessons learned while drawing from personal experience to offer listeners strategies for success when consulting in these settings. Dr. Pennington urges behavior analysts not to be “part-time lovers”, meaning he wants us to use the principles to help ourselves through all challenges, not just challenges we face when working with children with autism. We never blame the learner, only the environment. Dr. Pennington reminds us to stay true to this in everything we do.