Welcome to Behaviorbabe
Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Behaviorbabe

Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

7 Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis operates under seven interconnected dimensions.  Applied behavior analysts seek to identify observable and measurable behaviors that are socially significant to the individual and sensitive to the culture of the community. Empirically-validated, research-based methods and interventions are selected.  Decisions regarding interventions must be data driven and closely monitored for effectiveness.  All procedures must be thoroughly described so that they can be consistently applied.  The ultimate goals for behavior analysts is to enable meaningful change to occur for their clients and for that change to occur in situations other than where it was explicitly taught. 

7 Dimension de ABA - Análisis de la Conducta Aplicada

7 Dimensions: #GETACAB

1. Generalization: skills/behavior occur in environments other than where they were discretely taught

2. Effective: interventions are monitored to evaluate the impact on the target behavior

3. Technological: procedures are described clearly and concisely so that other may implement accurately

4. Applied: socially significant behaviors are selected

5. Conceptually Systematic: interventions consistent with principles demonstrated in the literature

6. Analytic: decisions are data based

7. Behavior: observable and measurable behaviors are targeted