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Precision Teaching Application / SAFMEDS

Say All Fast 1 Minute Each Day Shuffled = SAFMEDS

Guidelines for doing SAFMEDS timings (Graf and Auman, 2005)

- Primary rule, keep answers short, abbreviate if necessary. Short answers permit high speed emphasize salient features of each definition (p. 21)


• Make blanks the same
• Put blank at end
• Emphasize differences
• Keep fronts simple
• Omit key words
• 20-second timings (p. 59) 

• Keep track of terms number correct and number incorrect

• Graph results on a standard celeration chart --or a linear graph (# correct and incorrect)

• If you don't know a term/definition, PASS.  The idea is to keep up your pacing.

• For an extra challenge, practice term side and then practice definition side.  Keep separate these results.  Graph on 2 charts/graphs (# correct and incorrect - Term side and # correct and incorrect - Definition side).

SAFMEDS vs Flashcards