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Ethical Advocate for Accurate Application & Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

A survey regarding CPT Codes will be coming out soon in which certain providers will be asked about the rates they charge.  This video is to help guide you through all of the factors to consider when breaking down your CPT Code costs.  This video includes information from a clinical, financial, and banking perspective.

The Importance of Advocating for the
Dissemination Of Behavior Analysis 

(June 2017) As behavior analysts we believe behavior change can be achieved, whether that is organizational, individual, or systemic change we are talking about. We believe what happens in the environment, before or after a behavior, is going to influence the frequency, the rate, the intensity, the occurrence or non-occurrence of behaviors that we see for individuals, systems, or organizations, whether that's behavior we want to decrease or increase. 


(May 2017) Changes in public policy at both a state and federal level in the United States have continued to impact the practice of behavior analysis in recent years. These developments have made it more important than ever for behavior analysts and those impacted by these policies to participate in public policy efforts. Our panelists will discuss the basics of public policy from a behavior analytic perspective, review public policy implications of emerging research, and provide useful strategies to increase the effectiveness of grassroots advocacy efforts. The panelists will share their experiences in both supporting and opposing various public policy initiatives including autism insurance reform, defining essential health benefits, licensure and regulation of the practice of behavior analysis, telehealth, and more. Finally, we will conclude the panel with a discussion of how behavior analysts can use this information on public policy and grassroots efforts to increase participation in public policy related to other social issues.

This panel reviews topics such as telehealth, access to ABA services, sustainability, assessing the current political climate, tips for testifying, respectfully questioning authority, how to humanize the process, and more. Click HERE to watch the video.

Ethical Treatment Recommendations


(February 2017) I took over a case where the client was recommended to have less services in a MONTH than I am recommending per WEEK! Friendly reminder, we must base our recommendations off client need, NOT staff or parent availability. As a matter of fact, it's our ethical obligation...

2.09 Treatment/Intervention EfficacyBehavior analysts have the responsibility to advocate for the appropriate amount and level of service provision and oversight required to meet the defined behavior-change program goals. 

In this webinar-style course, Lorri Unumb, J.D. discusses the process that she and other grass roots level reformers used to successfully change state level legislative policy across the nation and to pave the way for insurance coverage for ABA.

This course provides behavior analysts:
  • Strategies, tips, and lessons learned from working on state level strategy
  • An explanation of the issues surrounding getting insurance reform legislation passed
  • Methods to strengthen arguments for reform when communicating with policy-makers

ABA Advocacy

Testifying on SB 739: A bill proposed at removing credentials for ABA direct support workers (Hawaii)

Legislation was introduced that threatened the practice of behavior analysis in Hawai’i.  This was the public's last chance to let our legislators know that protecting our consumers is of the utmost importance!   

Join the Hawai’i Association for Behavior Analysis in asking our legislators to uphold our existing licensure law

Our efforts were successful and 
Senate Bill 739 DID NOT PASS! 

(video: 2/24/2017)